Welcome to CDTCCCA!

Coaches, we are looking for new officers to transition to positions in 2019, please email Rex Carr if interested in any officer position. We ideally like representation from both DI and DII-DIII

Coaches, please renew your membership for the 2018-19 seasons.

Are you a member for 2018-19? You are not a member until you have paid the $10 membership fee that needs to be paid every school year. A List of who has renewed is here: 2018-19 CDTCCCA Registration.

The 2019 Central District Indoor Meet is SUNDAY February 24th at Capital university like it has been the past few years, same schedule!

All Head Coaches need to be members. If co-head coach, at least one needs to be member, but both is preferred. Participation in CDI and receiving Cross Country & Track All-District Medals is dependent upon your registration. If you think you are, but aren’t on the list, please email Adam Walters at adamrichardwalters@gmail.com

  1. Coaches fill out google survey here to BECOME A MEMBER: Coach Membership Registration  (NO NEED TO FILL OUT IF YOUR EMAIL HASN’T CHANGED, JUST PAY 18-19 DUES via PayPal “Buy Now” button)
  2. Pay $10 Membership Fee below using PayPal (Buy Now Button)

Please pay $10 Membership Fee here:
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